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It's in the name.

Brands have a natural lifecycle; the rate at which they develop through the adoption curve varies enormously by category dynamics and consumer needs. Brands are created and introduced to the world, they grow, mature and refresh. But successful brands never stand still.

At any one stage of this process a brand may need to be ignited; rethinking its strategy, position, presence or offer and making its audience look at it in a new way.

Find out how we can ignite your brand.

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Hello.  Welcome to Brand Ignite

We help brands stay ahead and get closer to their customers. Building emotional intelligence into their businesses and decision making.

We are the Customer Closeness agency dedicated to improving the fortunes of brands and businesses by putting the customer first, always. Our philosophy is fairly simple; involving your customers (or prospects) in your decision making from the outset, increases effectiveness and return.

We believe in building brands on the foundations of insight; understanding consumers, their journeys and experiences, competitive landscapes, emerging trends and opportunity gaps. Our customer-led approach, tailored to each project, ensures that our strategic recommendations and delivery is always based on the people that matter most.

No-one knows your brand better than you, but sometimes a fresh pair of eyes from the customer perspective can help you see things in a whole new way.

With an open mind we work with our clients to get to know their brands and customers; asking simple questions and avoiding all assumptions. Getting the customer around boardroom table is one of the most important actions a brand can take, and we can help you.

From insight to experience to innovation, we approach everything with a commercially strategic focus.


Find out how we can IGNITE your brand, by starting with your customer.

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