Igniting your brand

Categories evolve.  Competitive landscapes alter.  Consumer needs and desires change. Challenges frequently appear.  Standing still is never an option.

But by applying the right marketing strategies at the right time, a brand can continue to grow.
Brand Ignite have the expertise and experience to work with you at any stage of your brand’s life cycle; to identify opportunities, understand your consumers and put relevant marketing plans in place, allowing you to take that next strategic step with confidence.

Some of the challenges Brand Ignite can help you with:


• Identify your position in the market place, and develop brand architecture
• Create an exciting new product or communications platform with a strong brand identity
• Establish a motivating proposition that makes you stand out from the rest, helping you to acquire the early adopters


• Using your early adopters as leverage (and without compromising your brand’s integrity), identify opportunities to increase penetration, frequency or rate of sale
• Extend your offer (product, distribution etc) whilst retaining vitality and relevance
• Cement your brand messaging and values, deepen engagement with the audience, create advocates and encourage loyalty


• Protect your brand’s position in the category and stay front of mind with a mix of strategic and tactical profile-raising integrated campaigns
• Persuade the late majority audience with culturally relevant marketing; what worked for your earlier audiences may now be outdated
• Discover opportunities to surprise and delight – keep ahead of the competition, be front of mind, act first, don’t wait


• Pursue innovation challenges, an NPD focus to continually compete with new challengers in the category – or expand beyond your existing category boundaries
• Remain fully aware of your position in the eyes of the consumer, understand any reshaping or resizing within the category, and ensure your brand’s messages and values are still creating preference and propensity to purchase
• Explore changes in consumer habits, advances in technology and communication channels to ensure relevance with new audiences


We’d love to talk to you about your next challenge.


Plan for growth


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