Stay closer

Innovation is a fundamental element of sustaining growth. Categories forever evolve and brands can easily be left behind by consumers if they don’t react to these changes. Brands that fail to innovate eventually fall away no matter how popular they once were.

Innovation is a broad term, and while we can help you with NPD initiatives, we also seek ways to innovate, differentiate or create step change for our clients in communications, distribution, packaging and beyond – wherever the consumer can experience the brand. We get genuinely excited by the opportunity to create new ideas and initiatives with our clients. Our innovation expertise and programmes will keep you ahead of the game, from channels and communications, to category disruption and game changing NPD.


• Brand Ignition process (9 bespoke innovation steps to tailor your own programme)
• New product development/extension
• Trend spotting
• Opportunity gaps
• Insight platforms
• Category disruption
• Concept development
• Co-marketing partnerships


We’d love to discuss how innovation can create the growth your brand needs.