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Ignition rooms




We are genuinely very proud to work with each and every one of our clients. These are just a few of the brands we are currently working with either on a retained or project basis.


Customer Closeness.  The closer you are to your customers, the better informed your decision making, the greater the likely outcome of everything you do.

We started Brand Ignite, because we wanted to give clients that extra competitive edge, crucial in today’s highly competitive environment.  Our ‘edge’ is the customer.

We developed our proposition:  Start with the customer.  End with the bottom line.

A lot of agencies talk about it.  Clients need it.  But it’s in our DNA.  We wanted to offer something different. To walk the talk of putting customers at the heart of the brand.

It’s what we do best.  And as luck would have it, it’s what we love too.  This is what makes us smile and gets us up in the morning. That and a massive mug of Yorkshire Tea!


Brand Ignite was founded in 2013, almost 10 years old now. Based in Leicester, our fantastic team proudly continues to do great work and grow.


Ignition Rooms is our very own multi-purpose research facility in Leicester.  At the heart of the Midlands, just 2 minutes’ walk from the train station, and 1 hour from St Pancras. We transformed our building, creating an environment to truly get closer to customers, and hopefully a little extra evidence of our own that we firmly believe in our purpose.

We offer a highly creative space for workshops, focus groups, eye tracking, hall tests, UX testing and much more.  We have a prep kitchen for development chefs, and with web streaming from Focus Vision and Stream Team your team can watch groups remotely from the office, home, or on a beach!

We use Ignition Rooms for our own projects whenever appropriate, but it’s also available for hire as with any professional facility.  Come take a look. The link is below.  Even better, make a booking with us!