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Improving Customer Experience in the

banking sector

Cambridge Counties Bank


CCB is now five years old, it is growing and thriving and as it does the needs of the customers change. CCB wanted to truly understand the customer experience and how it could be improved.


Being close to their customers is inherent to CCB and Brand Ignite is the perfect partner to help them do this. This task went beyond the marketing department to touch every part of the business. The task was to recognise the needs of borrower and savers and help employees across the board to get closer to them.

The project looked at both process and values, the challenge being how do you improve experience whilst aligning to the core values that a small bank places pride in.

A mixed methodology including quantitative, qualitative and workshopping delivered solutions across the business to improve customer experience.



We were able to involve employee right from the beginning of the process, they not only went on the journey with Brand Ignite. They were integral to it. Meaning they live and breathe the improved experience.

It also included the development of a brief for a brand new IT infrastructure. All leading to the ability to attract and retain customers.