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Ignition rooms


Customer closeness is nurtured in many ways, and our strategic services (we call them pillars) can work alone, or more often in combination to help you achieve your goals.


Insight is at the heart of everything we do.  Understanding who engages with you and what makes them tick. When and where they are most receptive to persuasion. What their needs and motivations are. And most importantly, why?

We offer a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, focusing on category issues, brand and NPD, marcomms and so much more.

We lead and manage all of our research in-house, from planning to fieldwork to analytics, and (always) a face to face debrief.  This includes use of Ignition Rooms, our own viewing facility here in Leicester whenever appropriate.

Importantly, we generate insight with activation very much in mind -the ‘so what’.

For example:

  • Focus groups and depth interviews
  • Online communities
  • Brand tracking and U&A studies
  • Sensory testing and NPD screeners
  • NPS and satisfaction studies
  • UX and eye tracking
  • Video diaries and in-home safari
  • Exit surveys and mystery shopping


Innovation excites us.  It is fundamental to igniting brands and sustaining growth. Category and consumer context forever evolves and brands can easily be left behind if they don’t anticipate and react – ahead of the curve.

Innovation has broad application.  But it starts with the customer. Employees too. We love ideas, helping clients find new ways to engage, grow and build a more profitable future.

NPD initiatives tend to be front of mind, but creating step change in communications, distribution, packaging, employee brand and beyond can make significant difference to performance.

We can help you innovate, and also create a culture of innovation within your team.

For example:

  • Innovation culture and immersion – it’s first and foremost about your people
  • Brand Ignition process (9 bespoke innovation steps to tailor your own programme)
  • New product development / extension
  • Trend spotting and horizon scanning
  • Brand stretch and innovation roadmaps
  • Insight platforms and opportunity gaps
  • Idea generation and concept development
  • Supply chain engagement – extending your influence


Customer experiences shape the ‘tomorrow’ of every brand.  Every moment in a customer’s life where they engage with your brand will determine their attitude and behaviour towards you. Your future business.

Nowhere does Customer Closeness come alive more than in CX.  Truly customer-centric brands can continually build and evolve experiences to delight, inspire and engage, because the brand understands.

We work with clients and crucially their teams to transform experiences, true to the brand, and intuitive to the customer. Understanding the need at every touchpoint, identifying opportunities, embedding change and measuring impact.

We can help you create a brighter future, by putting people first.

For example:

  • Customer journey mapping – today and tomorrow
  • Colleague engagement and customer-first culture
  • ‘In the moment’ insight
  • Organisational reviews
  • CX strategy – who and why
  • CX design – what and how
  • Process and capability improvement
  • Authoring system and infrastructure briefs


We believe in the importance of evidence through data, and that analytics is an essential pillar in our core offer.  To plan for growth we have to understand the position today, then ensure measurement is in place to keep track of progress to tomorrow.

Our in-house analytics and evaluation team provides the backbone for Customer Closeness – the what, why, who, when, how and where, one customer at a time.

We work with clients to ensure all our insight, innovation, CX and brand strategies are rooted in knowledge, delivered in confidence and assessed on performance, through intelligent analytics.

We can help you learn, activate, predict and succeed.

For example:

  • Segmentation – customer / category
  • Conjoint and MaxDiff methodologies
  • Dashboards and scorecards
  • Marketing data analytics
  • Research deep-dive
  • Quick wins identification
  • Opportunity / occasion sizing
  • Category mapping


At Brand Ignite, we are brand guardians and strategic partners to our clients, rigorously developing plans and initiatives for growth.

From start-ups to global powerhouses, we work with brand owners and their customers to strive for a better future.  Our strategic approach is informed by our extensive insight capability, ensuring that our plans are meeting the needs of customers.

From brand strategies and architecture, to comms planning and evaluation, this is the foundation of Brand Ignite.  It’s in the name!

We can help you ignite your brand.

For example:

  • Brand strategy
  • Communications planning
  • Proposition development
  • Brand narrative – architecture and models
  • Stakeholder engagement and employer brand
  • Marketing / CRM planning
  • Creative concepts
  • Creative delivery


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